UQ Buds presents: Meditation and Mooncakes with Ven. Miao Xin


It’s time for Mid-Autumn Festival again! (Chinese: Zhong Qiu Jie, Vietnamese: Tet Trung Thu). For many of our members from Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian backgrounds, it’s a time for family, and …also…MOONCAKES!

UQ Buds will also be coming together to join in calm for an evening of meditation. The session will be lead by Ven. Miao Xin from Chung Tian Temple, who has kindly agreed to come to UQ for this event.

As always, this opportunity to learn from an experienced dharma teacher is “priceless” but free.

Date: 12th September, 2014

5:00pm~6:30pm: meditation with Ven. Miao Xin
6:30~7:00pm: free tea and vegetarian mooncakes

Location: large downstairs prayer room, UQ Multifaith Chaplaincy bldg 38

RSVP to uqbuds@gmail.com or via Facebook:


We hope that you can join us!


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