Free course: UQBUDS 101 — What’s Buddhism

"Housed" Buddhas

This first talk in a series on introductory Buddhism will be led by Venerable Sudhamma

When: Monday 19th October 2015 commencing at 1pm

Where: The Meeting Room, UQ Multifaith Centre, Level 2

Venerable Sudhamma is a Buddhist nun from Sri Lanka. We look forward to the opportunity to share in some of her wisdom. Retired Primary School Teacher, Brisbane, Australia. Senior Resident Nun at Sri Subodha Retreat Centre, Ambuluwawa ,Sri Lanka and Sri Subodha Sangamitta Dhamma Education Institution, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

She now works at Yasodara Sinhala & Dhamma School Brisbane, Australia.

Venerable Sudhamma explained the suffering we have and the way to stop it. It was a wonderful course on Buddhism.


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