Pavāraṇā Full Moon Program

Pavāraṇā Full Moon Program

End of Rains Retreat at Dhammagiri

Sunday 26 October 2015

08.30 am    Arrival of Participants for Precept Ceremony

09.00 pm    Taking of Triple Refuge & 8 Precepts/5 Precepts

and Guided Meditation

10.00 pm    Arrival of Participants for Almsoffering

Preparing for Almsoffering

10.30 am    Almsoffering, Anumodana & Shared Meal

11.45 am    Dhammatalk

01.00 pm    Break/Walking Meditation

01.30 pm    Chanting of Ādittapariyāya Sutta (Firesermon)                      with Ven. Moneyyo

02.30 pm    Break/Walking Meditation

03.00 pm    Chanting, Guided Meditation                      & Dhamma-discussion

05.00 pm    End of Program

NB: It is possible to participate only for parts of the program, but please arrive at least 15 min before the session starts.


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