Cold Dharma in the hot summer


The monk, the venerable, answered a few questions in the Saturday Personal Questions & Dharma Discussion. First is about the Four Noble Truth. It seems that these truths are true that they are not only accepted by Buddhists, but also by the mass.

Cold dharma



  1. The Truth of Dukkha (hot)is that all conditional phenomena and experiences are not ultimately satisfying;
  2. The Truth of the Origin of Dukkhais that craving for and clinging to what is pleasurable and aversion to what is not pleasurable result in becoming, rebirth, dissatisfaction, and redeath;
  3. The Truth of the Cessation of Dukkhais that putting an end to this craving and clinging also means that rebirth, dissatisfaction, and redeath can no longer arise;
  4. The Truth of the Path Of Liberation from Dukkhais that by following the Noble Eightfold Path—namely, behaving decently, cultivating discipline, and practicing mindfulness and meditation—an end can be put to craving, to clinging, to becoming, to rebirth, to dissatisfaction, and to redeath.

Second, a lady asked why are good people suffering, why was there a bushfire, why were some people dead while some not? The venerable answered in a witty manner. The cause and effect law is that doing good deeds will bring good results; bad deeds bring bad ones. Unlike other religions, Buddhism allows for many lives before and after this life, which brings more possibilities of suffering. But if you are going to understand all the karmic relationships, such as why this happens to this person, that happens to the other guy, your mind probably will explode.

Another lady asked what happens to the dead people, where are they and what are the lives they are living in the other world? The venerable truthfully said, “I don’t know.” The venerable told us when he was twenty, he was stupidly (in the venerable’s words) taking drugs; he didn’t know what’s life like in the forties. Even in his sixties now, he still does not know what happens when he dies. He repeated the good deeds bring good results; bad deeds bring bad results. This cause and effect law is proved by his life. It is “interesting” to see that our relatives passed away. It is not that a good Buddhist will not hurt, but that we will feel that the karmic relationship is breaking down. Let it go. It is hot and painful to hold a hot stone.

These words are like the icy cold water in the hot summer. Hope you calm down and meditate.


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