Exciting activities for Semester 1, 2016

beautifulflowers1252852529Dear friends,

The UQ BUDS executives have prepared many exciting activities for you in Semester 1, 2016!

First, a welcoming tea (coffee and snacks provicded) will be held in the following week of Market Day!

Second, the free course Buddhism 101 will be delivered fortnightly by the chief nun Venerable Sudhamma.

Third, exam. YES, EXAM! If you are interested in getting a diploma in Buddhism for teaching purpose, we also offer you an opportunity to take in the formal exam (designed by the Young Men’s Buddhist Association).

Fourth, a secret guest will visit UQ BUDS in February 2016! She used to be one of the founders and the old executive of UQBUDS, but now she is a ten-precept nun wearing yellow. We will be able to learn some of the Buddhism tradition to cultivate merits from her. For example, offering food to the nun.

More details will come soon.

Wish everyone with metta!

UQ BUDS executives

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