Feeling Stressed Out? Let’s meditate!


Buried under the stack of assignments, tests, and quizzes, stressed out, …, wait, you need to take a breath and meditate. This semester UQBuDs together with UQ Meditation Group will launch a fantastic meditation program for you. Every Thursday afternoon from 13:00 to 14:30, we gather at the prayer space (on the ground floor of the Multi-Faith Centre), practice meditation, and share our experiences with each other. Here you will meet practitioners from different backgrounds (Theravada, Mahayana, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism and even Christianity)  but practice meditation for the same purpose: to reduce suffering.

This meditation session is kindly led by Barbara and Anna. Both of them are experienced meditators. They have been running this meditation group on campus for about 4 years. Differing from other meditation groups,  this group doesn’t stick to any particular type of meditation. With meditation unguided, you can do whatever meditation practice you prefer, which also means you can share your meditation experiences with others and benefit from learning their meditation techniques.

Here are the details of this meditation program:

Who goes to this meditation group?
We are an informal, non-denominational, group of staff and students from around the university who meet once a week to practice meditation. Everyone who is interested in practicing still, silent meditation is welcome to come and sit with us.

When is the meditation?
The siting is on Thursday starting at 1.05pm and ending at 1.50pm sharp.
If you are attending for the first time please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can show you the layout and arrange a cushion or chair for you.  It is ok to arrive late or leave early if you need to.

Where does the meditation group meet?
We sit in the room called the Prayer Space on the ground floor of the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre (building #38).
The front door of this area of the Centre is kept locked but there are always lots of friendly people coming and going through this door. So either follow someone else into the building through the front door or indicate to people inside and they will open it for you. (If you decide to come to the meditation group regularly, door access can be added to your university ID card)
After entering the ground floor of the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre walk straight down the corridor, past the Muslim prayer area, and you will see a big spacious room on the left. This is the Prayer Space and we are in there!

What happens at the meditation?
Everyone takes a seat – either on a chair or a cushion on the floor. Chairs and cushions are available but bring your own cushion of you prefer.
Bell to start meditation at 1.05pm. Please be seated 5 minutes before this, if possible.
20 minutes of still, silent sitting.
5 minutes of walking meditation or stretching (whatever you want to do).
Another 20 minutes of still, silent sitting.
Bell to end meditation at 1.50pm sharp.
After meditation is the tea time with discussion.
Please note that this is a practice group not a class; the meditation is unguided (people can do whatever meditation practice they prefer). But beginners are welcome and experienced meditators are available to offer advice before and after the sitting. Please contact Barbara (barbara.sullivan@uq.edu.au) or Anna (anolan.mail@icloud.com) if you have any questions or would like some beginner instruction.
The organizers and several members of this group belong to an off campus zen group – Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane – see http://ordinarymind.org.au/.

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