Living the Buddha’s Teachings: A one-day Workshop at UQ


The Buddha walked this Earth over 2500 years ago, teaching the profound truth of the reality of existence. Now, over 2500 years later, Buddhists around the world are still walking in his footsteps, living their lives in accordance with his teachings. Despite the many changes through the centuries, the Buddha’s accurate analysis of the human condition and existence is as relevant today as it was then. Likewise, his teachings on the causes of happiness and unhappiness, and the way to true peace, still holds true in our modern society. As interesting as the Buddha’s theories may be, they are not theoretical. The practice of the Buddha’s teachings is not merely to study it, but to live it. To incorporate it into our lives, such that we come to see the truth for ourselves and see how this practice changes our life for the better. This workshop explores the core teachings of the Buddha, and interweaves the teachings into four main domains of our life: our inner world, our relationships, our work, and our world.


9:30am: Welcome

9.35am – 9.50am: ‘What’s on your mind?’ meditation

9.50am – 10:50am: Your inner world: why do you do what you do, feel what you feel, and think what you think? Exploring intention, feelings, thoughts, and the relationship between them.

10:50am – 11:10am: Break: Tea and Snacks provided

11:10am – 12 noon: Your relationships: what are the top 8 causes of difficulties in relationships and what is the Buddhist practice to cultivate loving relationships?

12 noon – 12.10pm: Short Break

12.10pm – 1.00pm: Your work: practical tips to transform studies to spiritual lessons, work to vocation, peace in busyness, and stress to flowers

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Lunch: Vegetarian food and drinks provided

2:00pm – 2:50pm: Your world: The Buddha said, “Within this fathom-long body and mind is found all of the teachings.” How to see the characteristics common to all humans and all conditioned phenomena, by seeing it within our own body and mind.

3pm: Close

About the Speaker

Tina Ng is the Founder and President of the Metta Centre in Bankstown, Sydney. She is also the Founder and Principal Solicitor of Metta Legal. Metta Centre’s aim is to support lay practice in a meaningful and holistic way: the Metta Wellbeing Centre offers free Dhamma talks, meditation and yoga classes; the Metta Business Hub is to encourage professionals and businesses to bring the Buddha’s teachings into our work and to provide mentoring opportunities; the Metta Community is to connect like-minded Buddhist practitioners with social causes. Metta Legal is an example of merging one’s spiritual practice with the practice of law.

Tina hopes these organisations can support lay practice of the Buddha’s teachings in our daily life, and inspire practitioners to realise that our Buddhist practice does not need to start after we finish work, but that our work is our spiritual practice. Tina also enjoys writing for print and online publications. You can view some of Tina’s writings at

When: 10 September 2016 | 9am for 9.30am start to 3pm

Where: The Prayer Space, Level 1 – the Multi-faith Chaplaincy Building (Building 38)

The University of Queensland, Saint Lucia.

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