About UQ Buds

Our Aims:

1)     To foster Buddhism in a non-sectarian manner;

2)     To introduce Buddhism to others;

3)     To participate in community engagement, such as through community service, supporting Buddhist studies, interfaith activities, and participation in the wider Buddhist and student community.

Our Activities

The following activities were outlined as core activities:

(1)   Meditation

(2)   Lectures(“dharma talks”) and discussion

(3)   Retreats and temple visits

(4)   Social events

Our values:

(1)   To respect and uphold core Buddhist teachings, including the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, and the 5 Precepts;

(2)   To act in an inclusive manner and to support members from culturally diverse backgrounds;

(3)   To respect the diversity of Buddhist belief and practice, and to respect the religions of others.


**We support a Four-Fold Sangha**

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