In the spirit of dana (generosity), we provide all our events on either a free or heavily subsidised basis.

Donations may be made via electronic funds transfer. Our account details are as follows:

UQ Buddhist Society
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 064 158
Account number: 11039368

Please notify us via email to uqbuds@gmail.com if you will be making a donation. This enables us to provide a proper receipt. Full records of club income and expenditure are made available annually at our AGM.

We currently require the following:

(1) drivers for temple and monastery visits and for visiting monks and nuns;
(2) introductory Buddhist texts & images for distribution.

“Bhikkhus, there are these eight gifts of a good person? What eight? He gives what
is pure; he gives what is excellent; he gives a timely gift; he gives what is
allowable; he gives after investigation; he gives often; while giving he settles his
mind in confidence; and having given, he is elated. These are the eight gifts of a
good person.” (AN 8.37 – Trans. Bhikkhu Bodhi)

May you be well and happy!

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